Friday, January 27, 2012


As I prepare to embark upon my adventure in the land of Krynn, I just wanted to point out that the versions of the Gold-Box games that I'm playing are not in any way pirated.  Here's a picture showing that I own all the Instruction/Journal Manuals and at least two of the original boxes.

SSI released the Gold-Box games on a single CD back in the early 1990s.  I bought it. I didn't put it in the picture above only because I didn't think about it. Since many of my previously purchased disk copies would no longer load by the early 1990s (floppy disk technology was terrible), I thought it was a good purchase.  Inside the box was an offer to buy all the manuals. They came on the CD in text format, which was awful...but this was before the days of PDF files.  I bought them all and I've kept them in good shape.

The Gold-Box series of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons games are still my favorite CRPGs.  I've had other games I've loved (Wasteland, Fallout, etc), but none will ever touch the magic of these.  I just wanted to show you how much they meant to me by letting you know that I still own everything original required to play them, even the stupid code wheels.


  1. Nice collection! I lovoihe artwork on those old DL products. :)

  2. just fantastic