Thursday, August 2, 2012


Note: I've been quite busy this Summer, so I apologize for the lack of updates to the page.  I'm still here, though, and the adventure will continue.  This particular entry will be a short one, though.

When we last left the party, they had discovered a group of evil warriors who had been meeting at the local inn.  They busted in, killed them all, and found a note that revealed they had been foolishly doing exactly what the enemy had wanted the whole time.

A quick decision was made to leave the inn.  The party headed out the front door, despite the confused looks of the innkeeper.  It would only be a matter of time before someone had found what had happened up in the inn, and the party had no desire to wait around for that to happen.

As the party approached the docks, they suddenly heard a woman scream!

That can't be a good thing.

Even in a hostile environment, the party could not ignore the call for help.  They bolted immediately toward the source of the sound.  Their feet beat hard upon the stone road as they hurried their pace.

Unfortunately, they turned a corner and ran straight into a patrol of Minotaurs...

There is no option to "Soil Pants," so I guess the party will "Parlay."

The Minotaurs shouted at the party to stop and demanded to know why they were out past the posted curfew.  Kavina Do'Arden pushed Lord Benjamin aside, knowing that if she let the Solamnic Knight do the talking, his pride might get the whole party killed.

Instead of confronting them, she spoke to them in soft apologetic tones, being careful to avoid gazing directly at the Minotaurs for fear they would attack her.  She claimed that the party had just left a tavern and had managed to get lost.

Feeling that the prey wasn't worth the effort, the Minotaurs screamed at them to get off the streets and pushed them aside.  They headed further into the city in search of someone who might oblige them with a fight.  The party let out a sigh of relief as Lord Benjamin said: "We should have dealt with them directly."  He clearly didn't like appearing meek in anyone's eyes. Kavina told him to put his pride aside.  Someone was in danger.

The party continued off in the direction that they had heard the scream.

Hmmm....what do you suppose they're up to?

Another scream brought them to the edge of the docks.  Warehouses overlooked the water, casting dark shadows across the road.  In the moonlight, the party made out the shape of a woman being dragged by a group of Minotaurs into one of the warehouses.

Drawing weapons, the party headed off after her.  Whatever was happening, the party was sure that the Minotaurs weren't the good guys in the situation.

The party slipped into the warehouse behind the group of Minotaurs.  Screams echoed from inside, coming from every direction.  The party attempted to proceed with stealth in order to keep from drawing attention from themselves...


...but they failed miserably.

Minotaurs came out of the darkness with weapons slashing.  Lord Benjamin, glad to finally defend his honor, led the charge as the party engaged them.  The sound of clashing steel nearly became deafening.

It was over in a matter of moments.  The Minotaurs had underestimated their opponents.  In their overconfidence, they hadn't taken the party seriously, and only at the end did they realize how much danger they had truly discovered.  As the last of the Minotaurs fell, the party turned toward the woman who was standing in the shadows.

She gasped out a quick thanks, and then slipped a ring on her finger.  Right in front of the party, she disappeared from sight!

Is this normal?

As she brushed past them, they heard her say: "Meet me at the end of the South Pier!"  Her footsteps grew very faint as the party scratched their heads.

So far, they hadn't been very fond of this city...

NEXT TIME:  Will the party get ambushed on the South Pier?  Tune in and find out.