Thursday, January 26, 2012


Since my last posting, I've been pretty busy.  I've tried to play Pool of Radiance a few times, but I'm honestly not feeling the game at all.  I think it's because I just beat the game a few months ago (like back in October), and the thought of trudging through familiar territory again so soon fills me with serious dread.

I think what I'd rather do is play the Krynn series instead, starting with Champions of Krynn, working through Death Knights of Krynn, and then heading into Dark Queen of Krynn.  I want to do that because blogs about Pool of Radiance have been done to death anyway, but I rarely see blogs about those games.

Also, the only Gold-Box game I have never solved is Dark Queen of Krynn.  My version had a bug in it that made it impossible to win, so I only ever got about halfway through the game on my initial play through.  Additionally, I have never tried to make the run with the same party (since I always played the games when they were released, and years passed between I always lost my disks that had my save games in the meantime...not really an issue with hard drives).

So, if any of you are out there reading this blog, I hope you'll stick around as I shift gears.  The blog is still in its baby steps age, and I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I want to approach things.  I'll be glad to hear any suggestions.


  1. I've heard mixed reviews about the DragonLance games. I am an avid reader of the DragonLance novels myself (I've read over 60 of them), so I was a bit disappointed that they weren't well received. I am interested in seeing your take on them. My suggestion? Play whatever you want. Just like in Let's Plays, if you're playing through a game you enjoy, it'll show in your work, whether spoken or written.

  2. The dragonlance/krynn series was very good as far as I remember on the Amiga.

  3. PetrusOctavianus3/23/12, 5:17 PM

    In my opinion the Dragonlance games are the best of the bunch.

    More options and variety: Kender's Taunt ability, three different schools of magic, Clerics gaining powers from specific deitites, Dragonlances, Draconians, and not least - much more sensible level caps for non-humans.

    Champions of Krynn was a bit weak when it came to encounter design - too much "monsters attack!" and, directly contradicting the books, far too many evil elves as enemies.
    But Death Knights of Krynn and Dark Queen were nearly perfect, with a great variety of possible encounters.
    And after all combat and encounters is what the Gold Box games were about.