Sunday, June 10, 2012


Note: If you read my previous entry, then you know that this one does not have the proper screenshots.  I have done what I can with other screenshots to fill in the space.  I promise to never lose the screenshots in the future if I can help it...because it sucks to work without them.

When we last left the party, they had stumbled upon a half-elf named Tanis who was busy freeing the slaves from the prison in Neraka.  He asked the party to help free the other slaves and to create a diversion while he got them all to safety.

Didn't he say this once before?  Oh right, I lost the screenshots...

With no time to lose, the party headed deeper into the prison to locate the rest of the prisoners.  It didn't take them long.  Voices cried out in the darkness, and the party happened upon a group of slaves being held in cells.  Working quickly, the party broke open the locks and set the prisoners free.

"Go quickly," Tamera Beldon told them.  "Meet the half-elf at the end of the hall.  He will get you to safety."

Heading deeper into the prison, the party found even more slaves.  Again, the locks were broken and the prisoners were set free.  They were sent on their way to meet up with Tanis.

Reusing pictures is fun!  Right?

Kavina Do'Arden noted that the party was lucky that the prison guards had already been dealt with in this area, otherwise the whole affair might have been messy.  Realizing that the cells were all empty, they headed back toward where Tanis had asked them to create a distraction.

Unfortunately, that hallway ended up being guarded...

Thanks to the Internet, I managed to find an appropriate screenshot.  Yay, me!

A trio of green dragons stood waiting for the party.  They growled loudly.

"You dare to come here and remove the slaves that belong to the Prison Lord?  You are foolish, indeed!" one of them said.  "This is where your meddling ends."

The dragons rushed at the party.  The party, caught by surprise, quickly found that the dragons were tougher than they appeared.  Thaddeus Durin and Wil Dhargon took the full force of a spray of acid coming from one of the dragon's mouths.  They fell under the burning acid, no longer moving.  Tamera Beldon rushed over to bandage them.

Lord Benjamin rushed at the other dragons, sword swinging wildly.  Behind him, Janessa Waylan prepared a spell.  She cast haste, and everyone left standing in the party found they could suddenly move faster and attack quicker.

The dragons weren't prepared for this turn of events.  Despite their earlier triumph over the party, they discovered that the remaining four members had turned the tide.  They went down before they could regain the advantage.

Tamera worked her healing magic and managed to get her fallen comrades back up.  A little weaker than before, they rejoined the party, a little wiser about the dangers of dragon breath.

Just as the party were back on their feet, a man rushed around the corner with a group of guards.

I had no picture of the Prison Lord, so I made one.  I'm pretty sure that isn't what he looked like.

The party stood before the dreaded Prison Lord.  He ordered his guards to attack as he shouted at the party in anger.

The party wasted no time.  Compared to fighting the dragons, the Prison Lord and his guards were an easy match.  Wil Dhargon shouted out a few insults while Lord Benjamin charged.  Caught flat-footed against the oncoming rush, the Prison Lord and his guards went down quickly.

With the battle over, the party searched through the Prison Lord's belongings, and found a note in his pocket, which read:

"It has come to my attention that the bodies we received here in Sanction from your prisons are in highly deteriorated condition.  We realize that information must be gained by torture and that it is a useful way to relax, but I would prefer it if a majority of the bones remained uncrushed.  I will not repeat this request."

It was signed by Sir Lebaum.

The party realized it was the second time they had come across the name.  But, they would need to ponder the ramifications of it later.  For now, they needed to escape and insure that the prisoners made it out safely.

The party headed toward the exit.  On the way, they located a small stash of Copper Dragon eggs that had been left behind.  Not wanting them to fall into the hands of their enemies, the party took them, being careful to not damage them.

As the party left the prison, they saw Tanis in the distance.  He waved to them as he lead the prisoners through the gates of Neraka and off to freedom.  The party knew that they had defeated the evil in Neraka, but it had cost them greatly...for Sir Karl had been lost.

NEXT TIME:  The party continues the adventure...with proper screenshots and everything...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Loss of Screenshots

I will be posting an update to "Champions of Krynn" later this week.  However, the events will not include screenshots.  This is because of an issue I had with Windows that required me to reinstall my operating system.  I forgot to move the screenshots off the main drive, and they are now history.

I didn't lose my save game or anything, so I can still continue to blog about the game, so that's a blessing.  I just wanted everyone to be prepared that the next installment would not include the right graphics (though I may use stand-in images).

Thanks for sticking with the blog.