Sunday, January 22, 2012


Fairly recently, one of my favorite blogs shut down. It was called the CRPG Addict, and it detailed one man's obsession with playing every CRPG ever made in chronological order. He was able to fulfill this destiny for a couple of years, but eventually he burned out and gave up the mission.

I can't blame him for that. It's a tall order, trying to play every CRPG ever made.

This blog won't attempt to rip that blog off, but it might try to revive some of the spirit of the blog. It is not my intent to play every single CRPG game ever made, nor is it my intent to play anything in chronological order. Instead, I will play what I can when I have time and talk about it here when I can find time between my studies and home life.

No one will ever replace the CRPG Addict. But, with any luck, his spirit will live on in some of my posts. And maybe some folks will come to love what I do here just as much.

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