Friday, March 23, 2012


When we last left the party, they were in search of a powerful magical item called a dragonlance.  Rumors were circulating that one could be found somewhere in Gargath Keep.  The party had fought their way to the entrance of the keep.

As they opened the doors, they found...

Who didn't see this coming?
Guards rushed to the attack.  Apparently, they didn't catch wind that the group of guards just outside the door had fled very quickly once they realized one of the members of the party could cast a mean Fireball spell.  But, it would be a lesson they would learn very quickly, as Janessa released one upon them and ended their attempt to stop the party pretty abruptly.

Realizing that the keep was several stories tall, the party started looking around for some clue as to where the dragonlance might be located.  And where the mysterious entity known as Myrtani could be located.  He seemed to be the one behind all the recent troubles, so the party was definitely interested in finding him.

During their search, the party came across a group of humans who were practicing their fighting skills against each other.

I don't think you'll find it as enjoyable as you think...but, go for it.
For some reason, the humans started laughing at the party and mocking them.

"I wouldn't be laughing too hard, with a face like that," Wil Dhargon  shouted at them.  "Besides, I've seen one-armed goblin children who had better fighting skills than you."

Angered by the kender's taunt, the humans rushed at the party.  The irritation from his words bothered them so much, they failed to notice the other members of the party surrounding them when they attempted to strangle the kender to death.  The fight was over in a heartbeat.

"They were awfully rude," Wil said, as the party left the room.

Minutes passed, as the party continued to try to find their way through the massive keep.  Eventually, they spotted a stairway going up and headed toward it.

As they reached it, they noticed a man huddled in the corner.  When they approached him, they noticed that he bore the symbols of Gargath upon his tattered clothing.  He claimed to be the Castellian of the keep.

"Thank Paladine you're here.  They've taken everything!  My poor family, my friends and retainers. Gone.  There's an Aurak who seems to be in charge.  They call him Myrtani.  He's had his minions scouring the keep.  He's looking for my dragonlance!"

So, Myrtani was an Aurak Draconian?  Perhaps the same one the party had encountered near Throtl, who disappeared in a flash of light?

Hearing this, the party directed the Castellian toward the exit, urging him to get to safety.  Once he headed down the hallway, they bounded up the stairs.

More eggs?

Up the stairs, the party found themselves in a large staging area where Baaz and Kapak Draconians were packing up Copper Dragon eggs into boxes and preparing them for transport.  Near the back of the room, an Aurak Draconian stood marveling at a large glowing lance.

The party had found Myrtani and the dragonlance!

Drawing weapons, the party headed in to attack.  But Myrtani spotted them.  He shouted at the other draconians to stop the party and headed up another flight of stairs.  The draconians turned and pushed aside the eggs to follow their leaders' order.

No one ever wants to discuss things peacefully.
A clash of steel rang through the keep as the party engaged the draconians in fierce combat.  And, even though the party was determined to get past them, the draconians were managing to do what their leader wanted: slow the party down to allow him time to escape.

The draconians fought with everything they had, but the party eventually came out victorious.  As the last of the Kapak Draconians melted into a pool of acid, Tamera Beldon shouted for everyone to give chase after Myrtani.

Making a note to return for the dragon eggs, the members of the party rushed up a spiraling stairwell, heading toward the roof of the keep.

The party reached the top of the keep in time to see Myrtani lifting off and flying away on the back of a large red dragon.  His evil laugh filled the sky as he raised the dragonlance and shook it at the party.

The party didn't have time to feel sorry for themselves, though.  Myrtani had left them a gift...

I wish I had dragons following my orders.

As he flew away, he shouted into the air.  Large shadows fell over the party as three black dragons descended from the clouds and crashed down upon the roof of the keep.  With a roar, they spread their wings and charged the party.

Thaddeus Durin tried to meet the dragons during their charge, but one of the creatures stopped short and spit acid on him.  He moved aside as the acid started to eat through his armor and burn his skin.  The dragons rushed straight at the party.

Not willing to succumb to their fear, the party stood their ground and met the dragons in combat.  Perhaps it was determination or just sheer luck, but the party took two of the dragons down almost immediately.  The third stopped his charge, trying not to overestimate the party's power.

Thaddeus, who had moved during the dragon's charge, came up behind the creature and stuck a sword in it's neck.  The creature roared once, tried to shake Thaddeus off, and fell over dead.

Despite the victory, the party knew that ultimately they had lost the true battle.  Myrtani had escaped, taking the dragonlance with him.  They needed to let Sir Karl know as soon as possible.

The party headed out of the keep, grabbing the dragon eggs the draconians had left behind.  They headed south toward the outpost.

Once there, they found Sir Karl awaiting them with even more bad news...

Just once, I would like Sir Karl to greet us, tell us everything is fine, and invite us to tea.
Sir Karl told the party that the tomb of Sir Dargaard has been discovered by evil forces.  He recounted a tale about Sir Dargaard being a noble Knight of Solamnia, who had possessed an item of great power.  He used this device to defeat evil at every turn until he was betrayed and murdered.  The device was buried with him, and now it seemed as though the draconians had found out about it.

Sir Karl gave the party instructions on how to reach the tomb and urged them to go and check it out.  The party, still licking their wounds over the defeat handed to them by Myrtani, said they would do their best.

Sir Karl responded by telling them: "You will be happy to know that Caramon has contacted our elite units in Solamnia.  The Council of Knights themselves will lead them into the coming battles.  I will be certain to mention your impressive record to them when they arrive."

The party felt a little better, knowing that Sir Karl had faith in them, at least...

UP NEXT: The party travels to the tomb of Sir Dargaard.


  1. Wish my game had told the story as well as you do.

    Good adventuring to you!

  2. Good job. Maybe this will capture someone's interest enough to get them to start trying out some classic Gold Box games and then once hooked they will have unlimited adventures to choose from among the UA/DC community. Which reminds me, I registered at the Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures Forum under the name of Arminius several days ago and it sent me email saying I must wait for another email once you, the Administrator, has approved it. Could you please let me in? I have been checking my mail like every hour, every day, and getting rather bothered by the wait. Thank you.

    1. It looks like you were approved over there. Let me know if you can't log in.

  3. That black dragon battle seemed to be pretty easy. I guess you must have rather high-level characters by now?

    1. No, the characters are only in the 3rd-4th level range. Even for 1st Edition AD&D, that's usually too low to take on dragons. SSI just made the dragons weaker than normal, I think. A dramatic license, I guess.

    2. Hmmm, I call shenanigans on that one. Dragons are supposed to be a challenge for even an advanced character.

    3. Agreed. They only had about 17 hit points. The game describes them as "large" (you can see that in the picture I posted). I know from having been a DM in 1st Edition AD&D for so many years that a large dragon has far, far more hit points than that (even more if it's 2nd Edition).

  4. I took the liberty of looking up the 1st Ed stats. It has 6-8 hit dice, so that's 48 to 64 HP. It's AC is 3, and it delivers 3 attacks per round: 1-4/1-4/3-18 (the last one would be a breath weapon, unless it decides to cast a spell that round instead). Of course, being 1st Ed., there is no mention of this being a "large" dragon or anything. In today's D&D, they don't even refer to them by size, but rather by age. I don't think even a large white dragon should be so easy, though. That's more like a juvenile or something. *shrug*